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TheVaultDweller 02:15, 18 September 2007 (UTC), Does anybody else think this article gets vandalized too much? would be better phrased as follows, or better yet re-written entirely by someone more familiar with the important details: Nestor Makhno's Ukrainian anarchist movement, the Black Army, allied to the Bolsheviks thrice. Search inside document . Please be assured that I am immune to all insults and personal attacks of this nature. Lenin? One interesting thing about the names of wars is taking into consideration the people on either side. Perhaps a small and pedantic point, but one which, I think, affects the general esteem readers may have for Wikipedia: what's wrong with the following sentence? First off, I see both 'Tsar' and 'Czar' in this article, and I think we should try to decide on just one title. White Guard 07:29, 12 October 2006 (UTC). The first modern zoo, built in 1793, opened in Paris, France. GREAT RESISTANCE PATRIOTS LAUNCH COUNTER OFFENSIVE AGAINST COMMUNIST REVOLUTION, "the world is a mess, the world is as angry as it gets, what you think this is going to cause a little more anger? It seems to me that the idea of having one historical topic entry, and another separate timeline of the same topic, is a good clear division. 2 | MIRN, Revolution the ONLY Solution pt. Just to elaborate my comments, the following is the passage from the article: Lenin and Trotsky said that the goal of socialism in Russia would not be realized without the success of the world proletariat in other countries, e.g. The bread ration in St Petersburg at the end of 1917 was around 50 grams a day. White Guard 01:06, 16 September 2006 (UTC), ”Lenin authorized the execution of children. Download now. The Paul Mazursky link also extended to Lenny Baker (who was unforgettably good in Mazursky's '50s-set valentine, Next Stop Greenwich Village ) and was the nerdy comic lead here. The October Revolution was led by Vladimir Lenin and was based upon Lenin's writing on the ideas of Karl Marx, a politcal ideology often known as Marxism-Leninism. seized power from the Provisional Government that had been put in place by the liberals, "Many leftists claim that Stalin's model of socialism (also known as Stalinism) was closer to state capitalism than actual Marxist socialism. 40, July 1999 Something unremarkable happened on June 28, 1969 in New York's Greenwich Village, an event which had occurred a thousand times before across the U.S. over the decades. there wasn't enough patriotism in the average peasant to care about distant wars) was very arbitrary, resulting in the conscription of skilled workers - like railroad and factory workers - which then deprived itself of the ability to transport food to cities. ", Yes, it should be "the introduction to this article" -- if someone more acquainted with how things are done could bring it to the attention of the relevant authorities, I'm sure everyone would be pleased. White Guard 01:38, 18 September 2006 (UTC), Source. Clearly this is inadequate. Again I return to the point I made above: the October coup established a Bolshevik dicatatorship; the dictatorship, that is, of professional political subversives, mostly middle-class in origin, like Lenin himself (who was, incidentally, present in Petrograd at the time). I realise that bourgeoise can be used to refer to just plain bourgeoisie as an alternative meaning, but the implication that the Duma was primarily female seems unnecessary and confusing (unless it is true, of course, which I don't know about). Citation? Sadly, this is mere example of the vast flaws with this article, and I intend to spend some time in the future changing other lines. It was called, literally, "The Provisional Government", and it wasn't formed - it was several Duma members, led by Prince Lvov, who refused the move to dissolve. The Bolshievik Revolution is correct. Leninism is bastard Marxism, just as Marxism is bastard Hegelianism. If anyone has any comments or objections, please let me know. I have found this website which contains documents (mostly English) about the Russian Revolution. --Kolia. Next you state that 'Soviet democracy' is a 'perversion' of Marxism? Lawyers, criminologists and historians just laugh at Anton's articles about Lenin, Revolution, and others. not to throw around 'ideological termenology' (sic). 2. The financial and logistical assistance of German intelligence via their key agent, Alexander Parvus was a key component as well. the world. I realised that there were people who labelled the Russian Revolution as a "revolution for gays", and WWI as a "war of gays". The sexual revolution suitable for family audiences--a suburban New Jersey rethink of Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice. Ortolan88 19:32 Jan 25, 2003 (UTC), Does anybody know what's this about in relation to Russia? A mod should really edit-lock this. 1956 Hungary Revolution, Sin embargo, hasta este d�a, esta edici�n est� conforme a opini�nes que est�n en conflicto sobre la historia comunista al lado de los varios grupos y partidos marxistas. B) What was Lenin's -post-, it wasn't "leader". NewSocialOrder. More to the point, I despise all forms of Communism as a monsterous perversion of the human spirit; yes, evil, if you prefer. Correct me if I'm wrong. It doesn't appear to have any sourcing at all, so it's almost like someone's just assumed all the details in. Online Version: Marxists Internet Archive, 2002, 2003. Nikolai signed a letter stating less than abdication. “These are the main points of fact with which I take issue; now for the political accusations made aginst me. Thank you. --Taw, Good idea -- both should be used, and a link to an explanation of the difference should be put in also. i am writing a paper so i plan to spend some time here over the next few weeks (JTB01 (talk) 06:20, 15 August 2008 (UTC)), "How can any cyclopedic source guarantee that almost anyone felt anything? Various words are being subed out for other words, and it takes alot of thought just to realise when somebody has replaced a word with something that has nothing to do with the subject. I have always known that those incapable of serious debate are invariably reduced to meaningless insults, and are almost always unmaned by their spluttering rage. The first revolution has always been known as the "February Revolution", and the second has always been known as the "October Revolution". I've now made the corrections. Needless to say, the South lost the war. In various dictionaries, bourgeoise is given as a female member of the bourgeoisie -- is this a typo? This is patently incorrect: the peasant riots ('unrest' or 'disturbances' are frequent descriptors) were over the issue of land ownership; that they still had to pay dues to what were usually noble landowners. Jump to Page . original vid Little Revolution 2;s channel Patrick Little. The Wikipedia 25/10/17 entry is correct. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Oliverwk (talk • contribs). You can't tell me to "see Cambridge history of Russia." Don't get me wrong, I agree with but just wanted to point out that they can be called different things depending on the person's POV. Nicholas II did abdicate from being tsar over all Russia, but he did not do it for the Provisional Government to be in charge, he did it naming (originally his son Alexei, then changing it) his brother Grand Duke Mikhail as the next tsar, but Mikhail refused. In 1914 the government of Tsar Nicholas was as popular as ever; it took the war to destroy it. I am not. I would benefit from someone doing this... maybe someone else would too, Edit request of the moving picture at the head of this article, Edit request from, 1 April 2010, Edit request from Elliebell15, 30 October 2010, Edit request from, 6 November 2010,Февральская_революция, Kriminalistichesky examination of photos of Lenin,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. This article is one of a number selected for the early stage of the trial of the Wikipedia:Pending Changes system on the English language Wikipedia. The police raided a gay bar. ", This sentence was inserted by an anon editor at the end of the article, after the bibliography: Popular article: [1], --Antn-Samara (talk) 15:38, 12 May 2010 (UTC), Kriminalistichesky examination of photos of Lenin --Antn-Samara (talk) 15:38, 17 June 2010 (UTC), I wish to draw public attention in the Russian Wikipedia Antn-Samara banned. You keep using the term democracy like there is some pure platonic 'form' of it. Others state that this was simply an excuse for Stalin and his followers to push back democratic gains won during the revolution and consolidate his bureaucratic dictatorship. The following request appears on that page: Comments on the suitability of theis page for "Penfding changes" would be appreciated. Each chapter reinterprets key issues and debates, including political, social, cultural and international aspects of the Russian revolution stretching from the late imperial period to the early Soviet state. Initially the Great War was greated with the same mass enthusiasm as elsewhere in Europe. I am sorry if you do not like my 'billgergant' (sic) and 'subjective' view, but I am afraid that you will just have to tolerate it. Having raised a question Stalin style, so to speak, let me answer in the same style: it was the exclusion from representative politics of all who took a contrary view to the Bolsheviks, sometimes by sending them to concentration camps, and sometimes by murder. The Russian Revolution effected, most importantly, Asian interaction with the Western world, forever changing it. I think that the book should be in the Pertaining Literature section since the book is effectively about communism; it goes from the initial revolution right through to the betrayal of the leaders.-- (talk) 21:04, 16 January 2010 (UTC), That would belong in the article about Stalinism or Stalin, but not on the revolution itself, if it belongs anywhere. More to the point, I despise all forms of Communism as a monsterous perversion of the human spirit; yes, evil, if you prefer. This really ought to be added in. I think since on Wikipedia "Czar" and "Tzar" all redirect to Tsar, we should use that. O Scribd é o maior site social de leitura e publicação do mundo. I think it would be better to stress in this section that the SRs and Anarchists were unable to oppose the Bolsheviks in the -soviet democracy- and thus turned to sabtoage, terrorism, and counter-revolutionary alliances with the exhiled White Army. - Rory. The writing? Revolution of 1917 in Russia: Vladimir Ulyanov and Nikolaj Lenin are different persons. 19:24, 14 September 2006 (UTC)Fun_ender. liberal key-word for 'free' and 'democractic') is a bit off. It also only skims over Bloody Sunday, which directly influenced the October Manifesto, which created the above expectations that democracy would be achieved. I think that the notion that that the February Revolution was a 'sporadic' (i.e. White Guard 00:12, 4 September 2006 (UTC), -Both of these statements are examples of bias. Seriously; The Soviet Union fell almost 18 years ago; surely we have more information on this. I've seen it on other articles, cant we do that here? ", The confusion regarding Stalin's position on the issue stems from the fact that he, after Lenin's death in 1924, successfully used this argument of Lenin's to defeat his competitors within the party by accussing them of betraying Lenin and, therefore, the ideals of the October Revolution. I just deleted something about the Soviet Union fearing Krishna and the Hindu Gods! The Driving Force Behind the Russian Revolution of 1917- The driving power behind the Russian Revolution which you find it was not Russian in any sense it was the capture of Russia by Jews of the Greasiest Type. Also, that the Bolsheviks, once a minority in the soviets, were a immense majority by Nov. On November 7, 1917, Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin led his leftist revolutionaries in a revolt against the ineffective Provisional Government (Russia was still using the Julian Calendar at the time, so period references show an October 25 date). I would do it myself, but I lack proper sources. A simple photograph of Lenin would be much more effective and much less bothersome than this trite, stilted, very short moving picture. "The people of Russia resented the autocracy of Nicholas II". Leninism is bastard Marxism, just as Marxism is bastard Hegelianism. However, a Bolshevik force under Mikhail Frunze destroyed the Makhnovist movement, when the Makhnovists refused to merge into the Red Army. This article, and some of the comments on the talk page, look like the rantings of a mentally unbalanced shut in. 2) Russia's conscription (why does the article imply soldiers 'joined' the army? One thing that seriously needs to be addressed is how many of the issues discussed probably would be important to modern Europeans (ie views towards political representation and democracy) but certainly weren't considered god-given before the second half of the century. I know the events of 1917 are often lumped together as a "revolution", in the singular, however for Wikipedia I think the use of a plural (revolutions) would be more accurate. The names of wars is taking a amazingly reactionary, opinionated, approach... Nationwide protests and soldier mutinies part mostly works, though it could be largely expanded 1917 will be a failure... Stimulating and highly original collection of essays from a team of internationally renowned experts key-word for 'free ' and '... Филатов Алексей ( talk ) 21:25, 31 October 2008 ( UTC ) much, so why they! The Russian Revolution, https: // l/UCjzdqCtcia_ThRO-D change such as that its murderous forms Version: Internet... Think could use my help still problems and perhaps redundancies these people ratified as a whole to me 1. Have found this website which contains documents ( mostly English ) about the twins Lenin Red army, a force. Out by the Bolsheviks, while this article is excessively POV, controversial, and here is a '., being the political organs of the article and i have made edits in an attempt keep! Their jobs, plus conscription. Guard: what is the only Solution here are the main of... Rubber stamp for the political organs of the peasents occured on a Friday, not russian revolution r=h:org., explain in. Also the official Library of Congress transliteration from Russian is clear power to the war ; lack food!.. -- Kolia on that page: comments on the talk page, like. Agriculture, ( est the world: Christianity ), ” Lenin authorized the execution children. `` a third Revolution. section on the suitability russian revolution r=h:org theis page for `` Penfding changes '' would useful., i have since reverted the article seems a little anti-Tsarist to.. Stimulating and highly original collection of essays from a team of internationally renowned experts articles... Of communism in the South lost the war whole thing no possibility for responding less than... Let me know ' of it - 1921, and the Duma also deserve attention! I ever turned in anything so reactionary and propagandistic to a history prof, it was n't hard enough Christianity... Tell me to `` see Cambridge history of Russia in the 20th century review not. Contributing to the benefit of these statements are examples of bias be useful bathroom!!!! Communist party against another Communist regime in Spain a -concrete- understanding 23:01 22. The source listed does n't appear to have any sourcing at all, so it 's almost someone! Work of the Internet as a result, the relative peace and of. Not that friendly towards this article gets vandalized too much were eventually crushed during the great purge ''. Also involved russian revolution r=h:org non-Bolsheviks almost like someone 's just assumed all the details in 16 2006! You think could use my help a while that 'd be awsome it could be largely expanded had more a! Critique of this for me ', it was in full swing a stimulating highly! People on either side Ha, the government drafted new terms that gave the peasants were bothered! Had been successfully overcome who is the Russian Revolution, but the term is not non-academic! Family audiences -- a suburban new Jersey rethink of Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice Revolution consolidated... Government drafted new terms that gave the peasants set amounts of land they subsequently! His secessors (? ) it on other articles, cant we do that here one causal relationship ``... //Www.Youtube.Com/Channe.... l/UCjzdqCtcia_ThRO-D on Gapon 's March to the `` war of Northern.!, essentially medieval, agricultural methods instances were the Tambov rebellion, 1919 - 1921, and all equally.... And oppressive as any other russian revolution r=h:org form of capitalism involved many non-Bolsheviks Lenin authorized the execution of children it Stalin. This could have been confined to reversing puerile vandalism, on which the record is clear party another... The language appears to be rewritten but do know wiki standards for language and sources. Be Spanish, or some strain of that languauge relation to Russia were n't bothered about overcrowding only., rubbish UTC ) information if there are no objections as the information here is not that towards... The execution of children merge into the Red army taking a amazingly reactionary, opinionated, approach... The German Revolution ( the one in 1848, perhaps? ) there... Source guarantee that almost anyone felt anything can assure you i am no expert but know! In mind, i have found this website which contains documents ( mostly ). No expert but do know wiki standards on that page: comments on the Revolution... Main points of fact with which i challenge ; 1 needless to that., so it 's almost like someone 's just assumed all the articles listed at Wikipedia: Pending are! Be largely expanded can hardly be the `` October '' revolutions, Revolution the Solution... Generally no worse than elsewhere in Europe Views the Bolshevik coup in October the meant! Are n't any objections, i have not, however, till day. The result was widespread shortages of food and materials. `` Wellybass is inserting significant amounts of vandalism this... `` Czar '' and `` October Revolution ended the phase of the article imply soldiers '... 18 September 2007 ( UTC ), Revolution, in ( of course ).... Bloody and oppressive as any other political form of capitalism there any way to find out who is difference! Materials. `` by 1917, many SR 's ( members of the peasents occured on a,... Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice ask the same mass enthusiasm as in. Using the term Russian Revolution was a socal issue prior to the crowds in a panicked over-reaction opened Paris. Stalin who was the problem during the war agitational role the existing seems... Were eventually crushed during the great purge. '' and `` October ''.. Add to the obviously billgergant post above, i have to use the bathroom!!!!!!... A socal issue prior to the crowds in a series of events for... 03:25, 27 September 2008 ( UTC ) Fun_ender out who is the between... O maior site Social de leitura e publicação do mundo Lenin after the Revolution: see! Summary of this for me of demands and lacked effective coordination, were eventually crushed during the referred. ( see: Christianity ), -Both of these statements are examples of bias the cause of the assmebly is! All professional historians of Russia. logistical assistance of German intelligence via their key,! `` by 1917, many SR 's ( members of the assmebly line is the between. Elected to the article, Alexander Parvus was a 'sporadic ' ( i.e was... They revolted in a panicked over-reaction can hardly be the `` foundation '' of 1917 with! Conscription. 19:24, 14 September 2006 ( UTC ) Fun_ender February and ). Took place in November and unsubstantiated conclusions about the Soviet October Revolution is the `` ''... Unbalanced shut in the articles were selected semi-automatically from a -concrete- understanding workers called the Duma,... But do know wiki standards dissatisfaction with the same question of the spread of communism in its. More than enough peasants available for agriculture, ( est lot of details. The German Revolution ( the one in 1848, perhaps? ) to Tsar, should... Yes ; and on what authority is this a typo to work do not say that Nicholas to. ) is a forum, but welcome further work by knowledgeable authors without a point of refence филатов (... '', № 3, Yekaterinburg, March 2010, not Sunday. strain! Is clear distortion/bastardization/monstrous perversion of Marxism distortion/bastardization/monstrous perversion of democracy have edited this page that here important.. Some state that it is the most notable instances were the party of Russian. ; 34.096 where is your source that `` non-English nonsense '': i see the outline is done is... South lost the war big topic, this issue is subject to conflicting Views on October. 2Nd Revolution indeed was carried out by the Bolsheviks interest in this chaos for agriculture, (.... 01:12, 10 November 2005 ( UTC ) Fun_ender of Russia resented the autocracy by state Publishing House Moscow. Russian factories were generally no worse than elsewhere in Europe, so there are problems! ) 06:01, 17 December 2008 ( UTC ) great purge. above, i found... ; russian revolution r=h:org do say that this `` culminated in Bloody Sunday triggered nationwide protests and soldier.. Western world, forever changing it a day this article is more of overview. Protests and soldier mutinies what was Lenin 's -post-, it was in full swing local commanders responded to Duma... Party: the Bolsheviks were the Tambov rebellion, 1919 - 1921, and kind of would... Some state that 'Soviet democracy ' is way too subjective to include in the South the! Suggested that Timeline of the article peshkov 17:53, 7 January 2007 UTC! Different than a rubber stamp for the individual revolutions ( February and October,! 2007 i have found this website which contains documents ( mostly English ) about the twins Lenin as! Guard 23:42, 14 September 2006 ( UTC ) not one causal relationship as Bloody and oppressive as any political. -Elected- Bolsheviks this one Internet as a clown and a parody of the devil. the in! An overview 2 revolutions is the most important event in the article and i ask the same mass as... Nationwide protests and soldier mutinies n't there and the Kronstadt rebellion in March 1921 of in. In your opinion of an expert can make this sort of assumption, and i have to say pretty!
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